Services We Offer

We offer a large variety of services that have been described comprehensively below.

Company Secretarial Services

We provide advice and handle all administration relating to legal secretarial matters with our associated company called RUTONY ASSOCIATES. The Company Secreterial Services is handled by High Court Lawyer Mr. Nimrod K. Mbae, MLLB, CPS(K).

They provide all the Company Secretarial Services required by the law such as company formation, annual secretarial returns, changes in directorship and more.

Business Formation

Handling all legal matters and documentation for all types of businesses.

Registration of Companies and Other Entities

Formation of companies and other types of recognized entities in accordance with the legal framework of formation as set out in the Kenya Companies Act 2015 and the requirements of the Kenyan Registrar of Companies.

Tax Registration

For new start up, the services extend to obtaining the tax registration and activation of the relevant tax obligations in accordance with ruling Tax legislation and requirements of the tax authority, Kenya Revenue Authority.

Obtaining Business Licenses and Legal and Regulatory Search

Search can carried out on local general and specific regulatory matters concerning the specific activities to undertaken which should be taken into consideration before commencement of activities. This includes obtaining business licenses and advise on specific approvals required from specific regulatory and governing authorities.

ERP Solutions For SME

We share and setup ERP Solutions for SME's for operations with Accounting Modules, Manufacturing, Stocks Inventory, Payroll, Module for Filing of All Statutory Kenya Revenue ITAX returns and more.

Auditing Services and Outside Accounting Service

Our accounting and auditing services are traditional as well as progressive and informative.

Our goal is to provide a valuable personal service and provide a clear picture of where your business or entity is and where it is heading. We attempt to provide a more personal level of service by returning the majority of our staff to each auditing and outside accounting engagement year after year.

We are able to boast a multi-discipled, experienced staff for each engagement. Apart from traditional accounting and auditing services, Ashvin Ranpara & Co also provides operational auditing services and fraud examination services.

Income Tax and International Taxation

Our income tax and international taxation service goes far beyond simply preparing tax returns. We offer a full range of tax planning and tax management services.

We intend to guide you in the nuances of tax minimization and management for both short term and long term time frames. Our planning approach is effective such that we take both our familiarity with your account and our firm's many years of service to a broad base of clients into consideration.

This client base encompasses virtually all industries and types of businesss activities.

Our reputation with the Kenya Revenue Authorities for preparing accurate returns is encouraging. The stances we take on all tax issues are generally agressive, but resonably so.

Additional steps are taken to ensure that income amounts reported on the return agree or reconcile to third party information reported to the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Estate and Capital Gains Tax

In conjunction with our income tax services, we offer our clients complete estate and Capital Gains tax planning and management services.

Planning and compliance services related to peripheral entities are handled by us. Being substantially experienced with estates of all sizes, we serve those small enough to have no Kenya Revenue Authorities filing requirements and those large enough to be responsible for tens of millions of Kenyan Shillings in tax.

Our firm maintains a unique approach to valuation issues related to estate and Capital Gains taxes. We generally have a substantial inventory of returns and planning engagements in process. This keeps us in touch with developing and traditional issues and techniques related to asset valuation.

Thanks to our broad base of accounting, auditing, and income tax clients, and our specific professional alliances, we have been exposed to and helped develop specific valuation plans for a variety of industry and asset groups.

We believe that the client should be informed of all valuations options and that the most realistic, aggressive valuation techniques should be used. Our firm also provides valuation services to various other firms in the area.

Management Advisory

Ashvin Ranpara & Co provides services to start-up companies as well as growing and maturing entities.

Our staff is very proactive and quick to anticipate needs or respond to requests. We customize our services to each client and do not attempt to fit your needs with someone else's answers.

Our management advisory services include areas such as obtaining financing, budgeting, compensation and benefit planning, strategic analysis, mergers and acquisitions, transfers of businesses ot family members, cash flow planning and sales and purchases of businesses.

We have experience in these areas for almost all industries and forms of organizations in this region. Due to our extensive estate planning and compliance department, we are also able to provide unique planning advice for generational transfers of small to large family businesses.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Our bookkeeping and accounting department staff is very experienced. They offer services to small, medium, and large businesses and to individuals with any need.

We can be your company's outsource for your entire accounting function or for your limited bookkeeping functions, such as reconciling your bank and checkbook balances. Some individuals and businesses use this department as a virtual office. Others use it as an internal audit function and some as a personal secretarial function.

Time and time again, we have demonstrated our ability to meet client recording and reporting needs. We produce reports that have meaning to our clients and that are customized to the extent necessary for each client to easily understand.

This department produces an outsourced service at a value that clients find is not only well below the cost of maintaining their own staff, but is provided at a higher quality professional level.

Our business accounting services include:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Tax planning and consultancy
  • Outsourced controllership
  • QuickBooks Support
  • Compilations and reviews
  • Payroll
  • IFRS problem resolution
  • Budgeting
  • New business advisor
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Financial projections
  • Business plan development
  • Retirement planning
Ligitation Support and Forensic Accounting

We provide ligitation support and forensic accounting services to a variety of law firms and other clients. We may be selective in the engagements we accept due to the nature of the work.

Ashvin Ranpara & Co. provides services to plaintiffs or defendants. Support services have included asset valuation issues, fraud and embezzlement detection, divorce settlements, reconstruction of records, trust terminations, family dispute settlements, arbitration, loss of income projections on oil and gas wells, and other business ventures.

We have been attending the courts as auditors in complex multi-state business and guardianship issues.

Healthcare Accounting

If you are a healthcare provider with your own practice, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. Your main focus is the health of your patients, which is why you need a quality accounting and tax service to handle the financial aspects of running your practice.

Meaningful, well-organized financial records ensure that your healthcare operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis and are the foundation of a successful business. Our goal is to assist your medical or dental practice with your operational accounting and tax compliance objectives. Our services allow you to focus on generating additional revenue and perform core business functions while allowing us to perform back-office tasks and perform month-end closings.

ARC Tax Accounting works with professionals in the healthcare industry to provide an array of accounting, tax and financial advisory services. As we are experienced with the common issues and challenges that doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers deal on a day-to-day basis, we are able to quickly identify financial or operational issues and suggest changes that will make your practice more profitable. We will develop a strategy together that will allow your practice to flourish. You will not have to worry about missing on vital deductions or overpaying your taxes when working with us. Our Accounting and Tax services include a comprehensive package that can improve your practice.

Unclaimed Financial Assets Compliance

We are fully trained to do compliance audit and are eligible to be appointed as external auditor agent by Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority to do forensic and compliance audit.

Virtual CFO Services

Our professionals take the accounting duties out of your hands and ensure that your business is always tax-compliant without contributing to any in-house controversies. When you hire Ashvin Ranpara & Co Virtual CFO services, you save money and increase your profit margin.

We offer conventional CFO, accounting and bookkeeping services. If you were to hire a full-time CFO, you would be required to pay him or her high Salary as well as benefits and bonuses. In contrast, you can receive the same support from an experienced professional from Ashvin Ranpara & Co Virtual CFO Services at a much lower price. In summary:

  • Help understanding your company finances so that you can remain in control of your money and experience fewer surprises
  • The ability to make better decisions by showing you the truth about your financial position
  • The ability to designate more time toward creating new services and taking care of new customers
  • Peace of mind because you know that a professional CFO is in charge of caring for and improving your company finances
  • Management and/or training of your accounting staff
  • An improvement in the quality and timeliness of your financials
  • Preparation and monitoring of your monthly budget as we update the forecasts to demonstrate how current results impacted them
  • A profitability analysis on either your services or your product line to determine which area deserves the most attention and which products will increase your profit margin
  • Monitoring of your tax situation to ensure that money is set aside to pay your quarterly taxes
  • Payment of your quarterly taxes so that you do not have any surprises during tax season
  • Representation with insurance agents, bankers, vendors or attorneys
  • Help qualifying for a loan from a bank or help negotiating with them
  • A review of and/or negotiation of your insurance contracts
  • Manuals for your employees that highlight your company accounting procedures
  • An analysis of any equipment you purchase or expansions you make
  • Assistance with your mergers and acquisitions

Ashvin Ranpara & Co Virtual CFO Services are performed on our premises, so we do not take up any of the valuable space you need to grow your business.

Please contact us for further information on any service.